female . 19 . college sophomore . 5'8 .

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Ever wanted something so bad in your life but thought you'd never obtain it? Well, think again. Because I am dreaming of something, and that is to be fit, healthy, and happy. I won't give up. I am going to obtain this lifelong dream of mine. And I want to inspire others to do so as well. It's not easy, and I know I will want to be lazy and eat unhealthy. But I know that at the end, it will be rewarding. and I will be happy. Don't give up on your dreams, because in reality, you can make your wildest dream come true!!!! I want to achieve my dream, obtain my desire, and inspire others to do the same!!! Please, don't hesitate to contact me. I am sharing my journey to fitness with you and I want you to count on me!! Together we can achieve more. Good Luck!!

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hi, i’m changing me. and this is my journey to fitness.

i grew up skinny, until i hit puberty and gained a lot of weight. i became overweight. not because of anything other than poor eating habits. i didn’t control what i was eating or when i was eating. i was also very inactive, and reluctant to do any type of exercise. let’s be real, who likes to exercise because it’s “fun”? not many teenagers. i preferred to sit on my computer all day long on myspace. (that’s what was cool back in the day, lol.) instead of doing any type of exercise.

It wasn’t until all the weight was on my body that i noticed i was overweight. gaining weight isn’t something you notice overnight. it’s something gradual. no one knows they’re getting fat until they’re fat. 

but, that’s my past. i want to talk about my present. about what’s happening now!

I started at 220 pounds! I was not happy with the scale. i had never thought i gained so much weight. So that is when reality hit and i decided i had to do something, immediately. 

So, i started working out. i set up a perfect schedule with my workout buddy. everything was going great, and the first month i lost 10 pounds!! Amazing.

But then, the holidays hit. So, i lost all control of my dieting and exercising. I am sure I gained some weight back. But I don’t want to check. All I do know is that now I am back and stronger than ever before! I will start working out so much and the progress will be inevitable. 

I want to be fit for a huge trip i have coming up. I need to be fit. It’s not even an option. So I’m also training for that, and in the meantime losing weight.

It’s been roughly 3 months since my trip. The trip was an experience. I thought I was fit for it. But in reality, i wasn’t. It just showed me how much harder I had to work for it. I want to do the trip in a year and see how far I have gotten. 

As of now, I’m still working on changing my lifestyle. Exercising and healthy eating. Learning more and more each day about what it really means to eat healthy. Dieting is such an important part of life. Why did I ever take it so lightly?

Watch me succeed.